Monday, February 25, 2013

Laundry Day

In the book "Large Family Logistics" she says to schedule a chore for each day, and Monday is Laundry day. 
She homeschools all her kids, so they set their timer and wash away all day with the goal to do 4 loads by 4.  How I've been doing it, and this has worked for 4 weeks so far, is that I just wash and dry things all week and leave them in the clean clothes pile and then Monday morning we all fold the clothes before school.  It's been working pretty good, and then since I wash during the whole week, I have the rest of my Monday to devote to other chores I've scheduled for it - Mop, Master Bedroom, Mirrors.  It's been working out pretty good.  I'm still working out what chores to do for the rest of my week.  Tuesday is Toilets though, Wednesday is Work Station (my desk), windows and walls.  Don't know what Thursday is yet.  Friday is Floors.  Still working on it, but I'm seeing progress in our overall life and am glad I have this book.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Wride Family Rules

The Friend Magazine had a page about family rules, which was inspired since rules are right on my mind right now.  Thanks to their final push of encouragement, we've made our list, and yesterday morning I printed up 10 copies and they are by each of the kids' walls by their pillows (so they can read them and learn them as they lay down for bed or when they get up in the morning) and the rules are posted by each toilet (the other spot where kids have private time to think and ponder, haha.)  Here are our rules - slightly modified from the Duggar's family guidelines:


“DO” RULES:                                                                               
1.  Be calm.  Use soft words, even when you don’t feel well.  
2.  Display kind actions and joyful attitudes, even if you have been mistreated. Have the right response by quickly forgiving others in your heart even before they ask.  
3.  Be happy and look for opportunities to praise others’ character.  
4.  Deflect praise and recognize God and others for the ways they have benefited your life.  
5.  Use manners and be respectful of others and their belongings.  Share!
6. Do what is right, even when others may not, or when no one is looking.  
7.  Be attentive and look for ways to serve others with sincere motives and no thought of self-gain.  
8.  Choose to be happy now by listening only to True thoughts in your head - “True” with a capital “T”, don’t let lies or small truth advice rule your feelings. (Belief Box)
9.  Give a good report of others. Don’t gossip! Never tale-bear unless physical harm will come to someone. (Use Matthew 18.)
10.  Forgive others - D&C 64:10 “I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.”
11.  Be Clean.  Do your best to keep your surroundings neat and organized.  
12.  Always be Grateful.  D&C 59:7 “Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things”.  Thank God for how He made you, for what He has given you and everything He allows you to go through. (Romans 8:28)  
“DON’T” RULES:                                                                       
13.  Don’t mock or put others down. Develop compassion and pray for others.  
14.  Never argue, complain, or blame. “If you do not accuse each other, God will not accuse you” - Joseph Smith.  Quickly admit when you have done wrong and ask for forgiveness (even if you were only 10% at fault). Don’t wait till you’re caught. Be sure your sins will find you out.
15.  Never raise a hand to hit.  
16.  Never raise a foot to kick.  
17.  Never raise an object to throw.  
18.  Never raise a voice to yell.  
19.  Never raise an eye to scowl.  
20.  Never let the sun go down on your wrath. (Don’t go to bed angry or guilty)  
LASTLY, REMEMBER:                                                            
21.  Seek everyday for J.O.Y. by putting Jesus first, Others second, Yourself last.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Mission Statement vs. Motto

In "A House United" page 75, Nicholeen Peck shares the Peck Family Mission Statement which is repeated daily.  It goes as follows:

We the Peck family, will love support and be united with one another.
We are dedicated to building an atmosphere of trust, faith, and learning in our home.
We spread love and happiness to others.
We know that we are children of God and endeavor to return to His presence as an eternal family.
We have patience and wisdom in our relationships.
Heavenly Father guides and loves each of us so that we can fulfill our life's missions.

I think our family could do a mission statement, but I don't see us repeating it daily.  Once a week should do, probably on Sundays, since it seems so formal.

In "The Parenting Breakthrough", Merrilee Boyack shares their family mottos, which are like mini mission statements.  On page 128 are her family's mottos:

Boyacks are early.
Boyacks don't bail.
Boyacks live the Scout Law
Boyacks follow the prophet
Boyacks decorate like nuts for the holidays--especially Christmas!

I think little mottos like these would jive more with my crew.  And then we could verbally chant them out to the kids as the situation permits.  I.e. - 25 mintues till church starts and I want to leave in 10, not 25, and I'd shout out to any slow pokes that aren't ready with their shoes on yet "Wrides are EARLY!!  Let's go, Wrides!"

I also do like this list of rules / "guidelines" by the Duggars.  I'm not sure if it's too long for us to use, but I do like most all of their rules.  We shall implement those too.