Thursday, August 28, 2014

School Cupboards

I'm trying to get a few projects done. Project Master Bedroom is still in the "seeking inspiration" phase. I did just complete a different project though - the after school "drop off" station. We have these 6 cupboards behind the front door.
For the past few years each kid in school had a cupboard. Now we have 7 kids in school, so had to mix things up a bit. So now kids share back pack cupboards and shoe shelves. Joseph and Mel in cupboard 1, 4 Jr. High kids shoes in cupboard 2, Ethan and Hyrum backpack in cupboard 3. (all the backpacks are gone cause they're at school right now...)
On the bottom, we've got Sunday shoes in cupboard 4, elementary kids' backpacks in cupboard 5 (I had to put 3 hooks in there, and I learned it's hard to screw things inside of cupboards). Cupboard 6 is shoes for Wes/Abi/Lily/Sophi/Natalie, aka WALSN. It ain't beautiful, but it's functional, so that will do us just fine for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Master Bedroom Help

I've been searching for a long time for an idea for above our master bed. I recently saw this idea in the spring/summer issue of "Best of Flea Market Style" Magazine...
So I like that idea, I think I'll put a white shelf to set them on, I just need to know: 
should I do capital letters...
or lower case?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

"Back to School" Board

I made this little "Back to School" board today. 
I am able to rotate out the paper on the second half to show whatever is our school year theme.
I have only made one other board like this, but I hope to make enough that there is always one up to celebrate the current holiday or season. And they are not by the desk anymore, they are on the small wall space by the front door. :) 
I also rotate out the colored vases, a simple way to decorate as I try to figure out how to be festive.

"Back to School" Tradition

I think we've got a new tradition. "School Year's Eve" - the nutshell of it is in that link - here are some of the more boring details - 

FEAST - Feast - Ham sandwiches, sack lunch foods, and chocolate milk, cupcakes and primary colored candies and lollipops

THEME - 2014-15 Theme: Of Things That Matter Most

CENTERS - Each one had a star balloon to guide us. Next year make a worksheet with a section for each color, or they earn a star sticker at each center, after they get all the stars they get their prize (lunchsack full of treats and a theme reminder for their room/shelf)

  • BLUE CENTER - Questionnaire
  • PURPLE CENTER - Routine & Schedule (Mom's In and out box)
  • GREEN CENTER - After School Routine (where you file your papers, put backpack, etc)
  • ORANGE CENTER - School supplies
  • RED CENTER - Visualization Boards (I have a box where I put all the magazines I'm done with and the kids cut them up to their hearts content. I think they liked it)
  • YELLOW CENTER - Father's Blessings
PRIZE - fruit snack, rice krispy treat, mnm's, this year bank for boys (prepare for future and missions) for girls is a little trinket phone charm for their little knick nack shelf, reminder of calling on God for help, of talking time to talk in relationships that matter, necklaces for little girls for fun, princess stickers and mirror and makeup stickers, to remember beauty within is what matters most and that they are daughters of a King.