Thursday, February 13, 2014

"W" on the Bookshelf

I made this framed W picture seven months ago. It's been looking for a home ever since. It's made it on the wall a few times, only to be removed as I wait for inspiration. This past week she found her home on the wall at the top of the bookshelf and I love it. With our Valentine candy on display. Those are some "sours" gummy candy from Zurchers.
(Mel trying to photo bomb my photo.)
I like these bookshelves. We had them when we were renting our other house, then they spent time at my brother in laws home when we moved out of the country for a few months. After we returned, he said he could give them back or he'd post them on the classifieds. I wasn't planning on getting them back, since they are big and it's kinda a hassle, but I thought I'd rather get them back over selling them. Anyway, we had to saw off the two metal bases they were on to make them fit in the front room, and after fitting them in I was very glad we took them back. They are on either side of the north wall in our front room. I like the slightly color coordinated books too, thanks to Design Mom for introducing that idea to me. (I couldn't find the post about it on her blog, here's another post though.)