Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Kirby Vacuum

Over a year ago I was dreaming of buying a new vacuum for myself for Christmas, cause our 8+ year old Dyson was falling apart.  But, I decided to wait a little longer, hoping to find a good deal on a new Dyson on the classifieds, then in January the Kirby Demo guy knocked on our door.  I didn't know it was Kirby at first, it was a girl offering a carpet shampooing demo and they'd do a room for free, and our carpets were looking bad so I said yes please.  When a guy returned with the Kirby box, I kinda winced cause our last Kirby demo from years ago resulted in our first "fight", cause I was siding with the Kirby man that we needed this vacuum and NOW and I abandoned my poor husband to fend for himself in the "no way are we paying $2000+ for your vacuum, dude" camp.  So, this time around, I wanted to be polite, but hoped I could just let him do his demo then send him on his way.  As he started he said he'd really like/needed to have my husband come.  (Doh!)  Corey was in his office trying to get work done so it was not good timing...

Peeking in his office - "Hey sweetheart?"
Corey - "Yes my love?"
me - "Um, a Kirby guy is here (shrink) and wants you to come...(shrink again)..." 

...which was followed by a "tsk-tsk" look about like this:
He did the demo, I of course sided with Corey in the "No way, dude" camp, and we told him we didn't want to waste his time and he didn't have to shampoo our carpet, but he did anyway, which was nice of him, then went on his way. 

So after this demo, I realized once again that the Kirby is what we need.  So, off to the classifieds again, this time to see what the going rate for a Kirby was.

When the money in the bank and the posting of a great price on a Kirby were in harmony, I headed out to take a look at a Kirby in Layton.  I came home with a Kirby in the van, very excited to get all the dirt out of it's deep hiding place in the carpet.  Coming up on a year later and I am still very happy with my Kirby purchase and will not ever use any other brand of vacuum. 

I've bought these generic vacuum bags on Amazon for a lot cheaper than the Kirby ones - they fit and work fine on my Ultimate G model as far as I can tell, although a Kirby Rep would tell you to only use Kirby brand name.  

I still keep my Dyson downstairs for when I want a quick surface clean or to use the hose vacuum down there, and when I use it I just can't believe the difference I can feel in the suction.  I can totally tell when I vacuum with the Dyson that it is a surface cleaner, that's it.  Doesn't loose suction, but that suction is about at a 2 compared to the Kirby's 10.  It does not clean up the dirt that gets in the carpet from the 10 sets of shoes we have running around this place.  Corey thinks the Kirby vacuum is so ugly, it reminds him of old people (Dyson did win out the Kirby on "the coolness factor") but it works so great, carpets really feel and look clean - that's all I care about.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Measuring Cups & Spoons Organization

Saw this on pinterest, I think it is brilliant, on my list of to-do's
each cup with it's own hook - will they always find there way there?  I've got places for everything, the hurdle we can't seem to clear is people putting everything in it's place.  sigh.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Winter Wreath

I'm trying to finish taking down the last of the Christmas decorations today.  I took down the door Christmas Wreath on Saturday and then Melodie helped me make this winter wreath.  Turned out pretty good I think!
A wreath from the DI, spray paint, hot glue, some snipped off branches from a pretty tree outside, few pinecones, and a few left over Christmas decorations.  We might add a few silver ornaments.  Melodie also painted a little bird ornament to look like the golden crowned kinglet, which we learned over Christmas spends it's winters here in the Rocky Mountains, and it lives in pine trees, so seemed a good and appropriate bird to use.  (Aren't we just so knowledgeable!)
We learned that from a book about President Packer's art hobby.  We don't really know birds, but boy he sure does!  His artwork is inspiring to me, I need and want to create.