Friday, October 5, 2012

Painted Magnet Boards

These magnet boards are from Ikea.  They were originally silver/metal when I bought them years ago, then decided I wanted white so I took them back to exchange them, all still wrapped and with tags that say IKEA mind you, but I had lost my receipt and paid cash so they weren't able to look up the purchase in their computer records and after an hour I was on my way home with them cause Ikea couldn't/wouldn't exchange them.  I was pretty annoyed.  So I still have them and these have been in storage until recently when I decided to paint them.  First primed them once then got out the glossy spray paint.
(Painting Tip FYI - It is recommended that you do not let your 6 year old son hang around with you outside while you spray these, or you are at risk of taking him to the ER for an asthma attack.)

These magnet boards are in the girls' room now, don't have a plan for their room, just wingin' it, but these colors are part of their overall theme so I'm sure we'll be able to make them work as we progress.  :)

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