Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Iron Thingy & Autumn Magnets

I had this iron work thing above our bed for a while, but after the first week I knew it wasn't what I wanted up there. Still, I left its been up there for over 2 years. I took it down when Corey was in Brazil in August. I was planning on having something in it's place before he got back, but instead it's still blank and the iron thingy got left abandoned on our floor for a month. Well, it's finally found a home where I like it and where it is happy too. And I actually have two of these, cause when we had a houseguest, Angela, she must have noticed it above our bed and liked it, cause when she was visiting us here from Chile she bought one at Ross (for like $50 less than I paid, no fair). She wasn't able to fit it in her luggage for her trip home (she had done way too much shopping!) and so we inherited it. So now one is by the kid's study (formerly Corey's office) off the family room to the side of the kitchen:
and the other one is upstairs in between the bathroom and the lego room.
So it's nice cause they tie the two floors of our house together! These little iron decorations are going to house our season magnets, which right now are fall leaves for autumn. I think we'll do snowflake magnets in winter, and flowers in spring and summer. :) I like these iron things now, glad we were able to find a place for them.

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